lundi 25 mars 2013

Considering cooperation in Europe

As the Nobel Committee reckoned at the end of 2012, peace is a great European success. The European Union was created thanks to different states that wanted to cooperate on projects to build a lasting understanding between people. 

My approach follows this ideal, this European dream, while focusing on today’s realities: this tries to get back to the spirit of this cooperation through the portraits of young Europeans involved in the welfare of their community. 

With Portraits d'Europe, I am leading a survey about young adults who, in different parts of Europe, have launched initiatives with a social, educational or cultural impact on their local environment. 
While developing these solutions in an innovative and cooperative way, these young people help our societies to meet modern challenges and, more specifically, the challenge of living together despite our differences. In the meantime, thanks to these experiences, they acquire different kinds of "human and social skills" such as creativity, empathy and a team spirit. I intend to put into words these European trajectories. 

Meeting these young people, I would like to explore two types of impact related to these experiences: 

  • The impact for society: what does the project provide to the local or more global community? Are some bridges being built to connect different worlds, thanks to this young people's involvement?  
  • The educational impact: considering these "human skills”, what does the project bring to the young people involved? What is the place of this citizen involvement in their own path?